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New Skylights

You may know that skylights were first used in Europe, invented by VELUX®, over 65 years ago. In Europe, it is very rare to see a non-venting (fixed) skylight. The very name VELUX® is derived from the Danish language (VE -- ventilation and LUX – light). The concept of allowing fresh air and sunlight into a building proved to be very popular, thus the skylight industry was born.

Fixed Skylights vs. Venting Skylights

New Skylight Installation, Livonia, MI Skylights come in two types, fixed and venting. There is absolutely no correlation for one type leaking more than the other...in fact, some test data supports a superior rating for venting units over the fixed skylights. Venting skylights will open to produce a “passive air conditioner”. Through the chimney or exhaust effect they create, the warm air is drawn up through the venting skylight, providing a cooling effect and fresh air throughout the house. Venting skylights should be strongly considered for humidity prone areas within your home (i.e. bathroom or kitchen).

VELUX® manufactures two models of venting skylights, one that features a manual operation and another that operates electrically. Both carry the VELUX® 10-year product warranty and both have benefits the other does not. For instance, the manually operated units are great in low ceiling or in-reach applications like bonus rooms over a garage or where the skylight is within easy access. They cost much less than their electrical counterpart and are very simple to open and close. The electric venting units are operated by a hand-held wireless remote that can control as many as 10 skylights along with its accessories (i.e. shades, blinds or heat-block awnings) simultaneously. They can be set to close with a built-in timer and will automatically shut if the weather changes and water comes in contact with the rain sensor.

Customers who have replaced manual skylights with electric units are far more likely to utilize the ventilation feature simply out of convenience. It is far easier to push a button than to grab an extension pole out of a closet to open a skylight. Elderly individuals or people with balance problems also enjoy the electrical operation.

Curb-Mount Skylights vs. Deck-Mount Skylights

New Skylight Installation, Livonia, MI Skylights are installed on a house in one of two ways. Deck-mounted units are preferred for new installations on sloped roofs with a pitch no less than 14 degrees (3:12). They install through the roof deck, have a slightly lower profile and trim out beautifully within the light shaft or on a cathedral ceiling. Deck-mount skylights can also be installed as close as 2 ½” apart from each other in virtually any pattern you wish and made weather tight utilizing VELUX's combi-flashing kit system.

Curb-mounted units are actually installed atop a wooden curb (usually 2” x 4” or 2” x 6” frames) on the roof of your home. They are the only skylight used on flat or low-sloped applications but can also be used on long, steep roofs where heavy rain could cascade over a deck-mounted unit and potentially cause leaking. Curb-mounts can be installed vertically or horizontally and are often used to fit over openings from odd-sized skylights on flat or pitched roofs. Curb mounts are also available to be ordered in custom sizes as where deck mounts are only available in standard-select sizes. Both deck and curb-mounted skylights come in fixed, manual and electric venting models.

Pan-Flashed Skylights

Just when you thought you had it figured out, we offer a third option, the “Pan-Flashed” skylight. These skylights come with their own flashing system and do not require the EDL or ECL flashing kits necessary for deck and curb-mounted skylights. Often used by commercial roofers, the pan-flashed units attach directly to the roof deck and require a commercial roofing sealant. The roofing contractor then shingles up to and around the base of the unit.

The Glass

VELUX manufactures skylights with a number of glazing options. All VELUX glass skylights are built using energy efficient, low E3-366, argon gas injected dual tempered glass panes. Most residential applications in our area require either the standard tempered or the laminated/tempered glass skylights. The laminated units have a safety glass pane laminated to the tempered glass making it safer in locations where heavy objects might fall. They are required where building code mandates laminated glass on venting units over a certain size. The lamination also increases the Ultra-Violet (UV) light protection as well as the fade protection rating.

High impact, Miami-Dade, white laminated and heavy snow-load glazings are all special order options available on specific models. We try never to use acrylic or plastic bubble skylights on residential applications. They just don't provide the thermal insulation or the UV protection needed for a home.
If you currently own a skylight and would like to request service or if you are interested in purchase and installation of a new VELUX skylight, contact our skylight contractors online or at 734-254-9300.

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