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VELUX Products
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Skylight Accessories

Skylight Contractor, Ann Arbor

VELUX® accessories are designed to work seamlessly with VELUX® daylighting products. Midwest Skylights offers Skylights and Skylight Accessories to the areas in and around Ann Arbor, Canton, Livonia, Plymouth, Northville and Novi, Michigan.

Whether you are interested in blinds, controls or glazing options, we have the perfect solutions to compliment your VELUX® skylights or roof windows and give you the added features you are looking for.

Electric Skylight Controls

Imagine controlling your skylight from anywhere in the room! Midwest Skylights offers VELUX® electric control systems to allow you to enjoy any number of skylights installed at any height without sacrificing convenient operation.

VELUX® manual and electric controls provide a wide range of control options to meet the needs of any situation. Manual controls provide an economical option for controlling venting skylights, roof windows and sunscreening accessories.

Other Accessories Include:

Insect Screens
We offer optional insect screens, which allows opening the roof window and get fresh air inside without letting the bugs in
Security Locks
When locked, it is not possible to open the sash, but the ventilation portion of window is still functional
Skylight Trim Kit
Kit provides a professional finished look for skylight retrofit projects.
Sunscreening Accessory Tray The sunscreening accessory has Pick&Click!™ brackets built in to provide access to a wide range of blinds and controls.

If you currently own a skylight and would like to request service or if you are interested in purchase and installation of a new VELUX skylight, contact our skylight contractors online or at 734-254-9300.

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